DXTrade Connector for HFT Forex Copier


The DXTrade connector allows you to use accounts with brokers that provide the DXTrade platform as slave accounts in HFTForexCopier. This platform is gaining popularity among prop firms, and the copier with the DXTrade connector can help you not only pass contests but also trade with real money.


The DXTrade connector enables you to use accounts with brokers, offering the DXTrade platform as linked (slave) accounts within HFTForexCopier. This platform is becoming increasingly popular among proprietary trading firms. Utilizing the copier with the DXTrade connector, you can excel in trading contests and engage in real-money trading. Additionally, the connector offers advanced features such as real-time synchronization, enhanced security measures, and seamless integration, providing a reliable and efficient trading experience.

Here is a list of proprietary trading firms that have integrated the DX.trade platform, providing their traders with advanced tools and functionalities:

  1. FTMO: Renowned for its rigorous evaluation process and attractive funding opportunities, FTMO employs state-of-the-art trading platforms to deliver smooth trading experiences. While direct information on its use of DX.trade is not available, FTMO’s dedication to integrating advanced technologies is clear.
  2. AquaFunded recently introduced DX.trade as  a new, innovative trading platform. This platform includes cutting-edge features such as sophisticated analytical tools, enhanced security protocols, and dependable performance across various devices, ensuring an uninterrupted trading experience.
  3. MyFundedFX: This firm uses modern trading platforms to offer outstanding support and tools for its traders. With a focus on competitive profit sharing and funding options, MyFundedFX continuously upgrades its platform offerings, although specific details about their use of DX.trade are not directly mentioned.
  4. EightCap: As a reputable brokerage, EightCap provides a variety of trading platforms, including DX.trade, to its clients. They are known for creating strong trading environments with excellent execution quality and support for multiple asset classes.
  5. InstantFunding: This firm has incorporated DX.trade into its platform, enabling traders to access advanced trading tools and efficient execution. InstantFunding is committed to delivering a reliable and user-friendly trading experience.

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