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Bridging Platforms: The Power of Copy Trading Across MT4, MT5, and cTrader

Context The landscape of proprietary trading (prop trading) companies has witnessed a significant shift in platform preference, moving away from the traditional MetaTrader platforms, MT4 and MT5, towards more advanced and versatile platforms like cTrader and DX.Trade. This transition underscores a broader trend in the trading industry towards embracing technology that offers enhanced functionality, greater […]

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Trade Copier for Prop Firm Challenges: Navigating MT4, MT5, FTMO, and Prop Trades

In the world of trading, a trade copier is an invaluable tool that allows a trader to duplicate specific trades between different accounts. It is particularly useful for proprietary trading firms, also known as “prop firms,” which allow traders to trade the firm’s money in exchange for a portion of the profits. However, the use […]

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How to choose a Forex trade copier?

Introduction The Forex trade copier has long been an indispensable tool not only for every money manager or Forex signal provider but also for ordinary Forex traders. The sphere of Forex trade copier application is rather vast and a lot of articles could be and have been written about it.  How to choose a Forex […]

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